2.4 - Testing Of Radiation Protection

Radiation protection measures are tested regularly to ensure standards are maintained.

Commissioning and Acceptance Testing

Before a linear accelerator is used for patient treatment, a survey is carried out to ensure there is minimal radiation leakage from the bunker. An area survey meter (eg. GM tube) is used to detect hot areas, and more accurate dosimeters can then be used to quantify the amount of leakage. These measures protect staff, patients and the public during operation of the linear accelerator. These tests are also carried out annually as quality assurance, for example in the control rooms and the patient waiting room.

Personal Monitors

Personal radiation monitors are worn by staff who work in facilities where ionising radiation is used. There are several types of personal monitors, although most departments use TLD badges that are reviewed every few months. These monitors ensure that staff are not receiving excessive dosage of radiation; if this occurs then further investigations can be carried out to find out the cause.