13.5 - Summary Of Common Unsealed Sources

I'm basing this of the similar tables created for Sealed Sources. Some of this information, particularly the biological and effective half lives, is almost impossible to find.

Source Emissions Tp Tb Te Daughter Indications Comments
131I Max 606 keV β 8 days Varies Varies 131Xe Thyroid imaging, treatment of thyrotoxicosis, treatment of thyroid cancer Most commonly used unsealed source for treatment
153Sm Max 808 keV β, 103 keV γ 47 hours 153Eu Bony metastases Short half life, rapidly excreted, photon emissions allow imaging of distribution
89Sr 1.46 MeV β 50.5 days N/A N/A 89Y Bony metastases Rapidly excreted from the body; concentrates in areas of high bone turnover
32P 1.7 MeV β 14.9 days 257 days 13.5 days 32S Polycythaemia Rubra Vera, bone metastases Involved in many processes, high rates of haematological toxicity
90Y Max 2.26 MeV β 2.7 days 90Zr Irradiation of synovium (knee joint) Produced from decay of 90Sr; short half life limits transport