Welcome to my radiation oncology site. This is a collection of my notes and experiences from my time as a radiation oncology trainee. I hope to complete this site in time but as it stands there are several sections (particularly in anatomy and radiation oncology itself) that are lacking. Feel free to get in touch with me on the Forum if you have any feedback or questions about the basic sciences or radiation oncology practice.

Unfortunately due to spam I have had to shut down the forum for now. Old discussions are still in the Forum!

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I am based in Australia and therefore this influences my opinions and practice. The site is not affiliated in any way with the local college.

Important Disclaimer
This site contains my own notes that have not be vetted by anyone else (in most circumstances). Please do not reproduce this content without my permission. I take no responsibility for inaccuracies contained in this information. If possible I will try to reference my sources but as these are my own notes I often do not include references. Commonly used sources include Hall's Radiobiology for the Radiologist, Joiner & Van Der Kogel's Basic Clinical Radiobiology, Khan's The Physics of Radiotherapy, Podgorsak's WHO Radiation Oncology Physics, Up To Date, Clinical Radiation Oncology (Gunderson & Tepper), Evidence Based Radiation Oncology, the WHO Blue Books, Robins and Cotran Pathological Basis of Disease, PubMed, GeneCards, the Rad Onc WikiBook, the AJCC 7th edition TNM staging, multiple journal articles and my own clinical experience.

I was inspired to create this website by the Radiation Oncology Blog.

The Radiation Oncology Wikibook is very extensive and covers all tumour sites, together with links to PubMed evidence.

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