R3: Introduction to Radiobiology

Radiobiology is the study of the effects of radiation on biological systems, ranging from the effects on individual cell components to whole organisms. The study of radiobiology is limited by the understanding of biology itself, but as the role of DNA and cell signalling pathways has become more understood, the effects of radiation on those pathways has become more understood. The 'black box' of the effects of radiation on biological systems is slowly being unravelled but our still limited understanding of the inner workings of the cell and between cells places some limits on what we can deduce.

This topic introduces various essential topics in radiobiology. They are expanded further in the Intermediate topics.

R3.1: Types of Radiation

R3.2: Linear Energy Transfer

R3.3: Relative Biological Effectiveness

R3.4: Methods of DNA Damage

R3.5: The Linear Quadratic Equation

R3.6: Alpha Beta Values

R3.7: DNA Repair (Basic)

R3.8: The Oxygen Effect