X2: Cancer Syndromes

In some circumstances, it may be helpful to code additional non-neoplastic codes to help identify particular patient populations. Of special importance in radiation oncology:

G95.2 - Cord compression, unspecified

This code includes malignant spinal cord compression. If patients with spinal cord compression are assigned this code, it should allow for easy identification from the database. Simply using the ICD-10 code (typically C79.5 for bone metastasis or C79.4 for spinal cord metastasis) may make it difficult to identify these patients from all of the other bone metastases.

G83.4 - Cauda equina syndrome

As above, should allow for identification of those patients with cauda equina syndrome specifically.

E83.5 - Disorders of calcium metabolism

Could be used to indicate patients with hypercalcaemia

I87.1 - Compression of vein

While rather broad, this is where superior vena cava syndrome is coded.

If anyone has other suggestions, feel free to let me know.