2.2 - Emergency Shut-Off

Where is the emergency shut-off switch and under what circumstances is it used?

The linear accelerator has a number of emergency shut-off switches:

  • On each side of the stand
  • On each side of the treatment couch
  • On each wall of the bunker
  • On the entry to the maze
  • On the machine console in the control room
  • On the power supply to the linear accelerator (in the control room)

The emergency shut-off is activated:

  • When there is a danger to the patient requiring them be removed from the room immediately
    • If the patient has an acute medical event (eg cardiac arrest)
    • If there is a dangerous substance within the bunker (fire, gas)
    • If the gantry or treatment head is about to collide with the patient
  • When there is danger to a staff member or member of the public who is in the room when the linear accelerator is active