This part of the site is heavily 'under construction'. Anatomy is most easily described with pictures, and as I try to provide my own images where possible it takes a long time to update specific topics. Most of the basic anatomy topics are complete.
These topics are all based on information from personal experience, Gray's Anatomy (40th edition) and Grant's Anatomy (7th edition), as well as internet sources I will try and reference.
Again, these are my own study notes and there may be errors.

Anatomy is a massive topic. For radiation oncology, there are several regions of the body that are commonly treated. These are included in the 'Focused Anatomy' topic but are also included in the 'Radiation Oncology Anatomy' topic below. Radiation Oncology Anatomy aims to cover the entire body from a radiation oncology perspective and will be added to over time.

Focused Anatomy

When just starting out it is helpful to study the anatomy of commonly encountered organs in radiation oncology. These include the breast, prostate, head and neck region, lungs and skin. Lymph nodes, which are commonly involved in many malignancies, are also important structures to understand anatomically.

This section is completed

Radiation Oncology Anatomy

For clinical practice an understanding of the anatomy of all body systems is required. This advanced section provides information on all anatomy relevant to radiation oncology.

This section is mostly incomplete but will be added to over time as I cover tumour sites. I have arranged topics according the anatomical categories given by ICD-10.