C) Mediastinal Lymph Nodes

Mediastinal nodes have numerous stations to allow surgical and radiological correlation.

Station Location Description
2R / 2L Upper Paratracheal Right - Bounded superiorly by the apex of the lung, laterally by the pleura, medially by the trachea, inferiorly by the intersection of the caudal border of the brachiocephalic artery and trachea.
Left – As for right, except the inferior boundary is formed by the superior part of the arch of aorta
4R / 4L Lower Paratracheal Right – Bounded above by station 2R, inferiorly by the caudal margin of the azygos vein.
Left – Bounded superiorly by station 2L, laterally by the ligamentum arteriosum, and inferiorly by the carina
5 Aortopulmonary Located lateral to the ligamentum arteriosum and above the pulmonary artery / trunk
6 Anterior mediastinum The space located anterior to the trachea, pulmonary arteries, aorta and ligamentum arteriosum
7 Subcarinal The mediastinum beneath the carina, medial to station 9
8 Paraoesophageal The mediastinum posterior to the trachea, on either side of the oesophagus
9R / 9L Pulmonary Ligament Located within the pulmonary ligament, inferior to the root of the lung
10R / 10L Tracheobronchial Right - Superior to the carina / right main bronchus, medial to the origin of the right upper lobe bronchus, and inferior to station 4R
Left – Lateral and superior to the carina / left main bronchus, medial to the origin of the left upper lobe bronchus, and inferior to station 4L
11R / 11L Interlobar Located between the junction of the lobar bronchi
12R / 12L Lobar Located along the lobar bronchi
13R / 13L Segmental Located along segmental bronchi
14R / 14L Subsegmental Located along subsegmental bronchi

A visual guide to the stations: